Homebrew Rules

These rules are in addition to, or an edit of, the standard Pathfinder rules. It is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with them in order to reap the rewards and avoid unexpected penalties! As with all rules, these are used at the GM’s discretion.

Creativity Modifiers

Any check may gain an additional modifier (positive or negative) based on how creatively the player describes it.
Example • You intend to intimidate the innkeeper into not calling the guards when you steal a drink. “I roll to intimidate” is too simple; you must provide some description. “I growl at him” would give no bonus nor penalty. “I lean over the table and whisper, ‘if you think a drink is all I can take from you in a second, call the guards and see.’” might gain you a +3.

Reroll Tokens

Expanding upon the previous rule, a player who does aything particularly badass, awesome or otherwise character-defining, may be rewarded an Reroll Token. This token may be spent at any time to reroll any dice roll, be it an attack roll, a Fort save or acrobatics check, to name a few.

Example • The proud knight Sir Wardel is surrounded and facing certain death at the hands of the vampires he has hunted all his life. He readies a flask of alchemical fire, and as he is driven through by the lance of the Vampire King, throws it at his feet, igniting himself and the wretched beast in glorious flame. For such a memorable moment, he is awarded a Reroll Token. Much later, he misses the Vampire Queen with his silver-tipped crossbow bolt, but consumes his Reroll Token to retake the shot. It crits!

Homebrew Rules

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